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Looking to book (los angeles) Avenue Bottle Service? Vegas Bottle Service is your #1 website for (los angeles) Avenue bottle service reservations. For the last 5+ years Vegas Bottle Service has been the leader in booking bottle service at (los angeles) Avenue and all Las Vegas Nightclubs. Vegas Bottle Service can provide you with meet and greet VIP hosts before, after and during your bottle service / VIP table at (los angeles) Avenue. We can provide luxury transportation as well when booking with Vegas bottle service. How much is Bottle Service at (los angeles) Avenue? This depends on the DJ, the night, and where you are located. Fill out the form to the right and we will give you a free (los angeles) Avenue bottle service reservation quote within an hour.

How (los angeles) Avenue Bottle Service work? The club will give you VIP table minimums. So, if your group 4 guys / 4 girls and have nice VIP table in main room you could be looking at a $1k minimum spend with (los angeles) Avenue nightclub. The minimum just needs to be met while you are partying at (los angeles) Avenue. The average bottle of Vodka will cost you $500, so if you order 2 bottles you have met your minimum and can enjoy your VIP table all night. Table minimums do not include tax and tip and possible resort fees.

Why book (los angeles) Avenue Bottle Service through Vegas Bottle Service? We have direct relationship with (los angeles) Avenue in Las Vegas. You will see a lot of Vegas Bottle Service websites and even meet tons of promoters here in Las Vegas that can help you book bottle service at (los angeles) Avenue. The problem is that they don't have direct relationship pricing that we have. What one promoter may quote $1500 for (los angeles) Avenue bottle service minimum, we might be able to get you for 1k minimum thus giving you an extra $500 to gamble or do whatever you like with. So, we encourage you to use the form here and get a Free no obligation quote from Vegas Bottle Service for your next visit to (los angeles) Avenue nightclub.